Enjoy full automation with our suite of tools

Shipping big volumes? We’ve developed a range of tools and plugins to simplify the process of placing orders and generating courier labels

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Place orders directly from your webshop or ERP system

Create and print labels in seconds

Bulk upload 100s or even 1000s of orders

One click ordering and label generation with our Plug-ins

In collaboration with the biggest ecommerce platforms, we’ve developed free and easy to use integrations for your webshop. Download our plug-ins, and be up and running in minutes

Coming soon

We’re committed to developing technology to simplify order placement for all our customers and we’ve got several new plug-ins in the pipeline.


Excel bulk upload tool

We’ve developed a simple desktop tool for Windows so you can bulk upload orders directly from an Excel file.

  1. Place orders directly from an Excel file
  2. Generate hundreds of labels in seconds
  3. Print all labels with a single click

Custom API toolkit

Our versatile and flexible suite of APIs gives you total control over getting rates, placing orders, and monitoring and tracking your shipments, all from the comfort of your own website admin or ERP software.

  • Request prices for any destination worldwide
  • Place orders & generate labels instantly
  • Pay for your shipments instantly with our payment API

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